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Remembering that even if I get my name at the top of a building, my name will still look smaller, as it has more letters.

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The Kind of Life


France, end of XVII th  century. 

Oil on canvas

This painting depicts four players with facing us and from right to left: Time, bearded old man wearing a winged hourglass on the head, Love, teen wings, man, soberly dressed gentleman, and Death , provided with its symbolic attribute, the scythe. Phylacteries above their heads deliver their thoughts: “I go,” said the Times, “My rest”, says Love, “I wish,” still believes Rights; “I shoot everything,” chuckles Finally, Death! Each player holds three cards in your hand and looks converge arms of Death, which arises winner: she has just completed a set of aces or a square set, with the ace of clubs placed on the heel . The result of this part of “three of a kind”, a game of chance popular in the XVII th  century is unequivocal. This representation belongs to the same family as a symbolic engraving entitled “The Berlan [ sic ] of human life “(Library of Rouen, funds Leber, and National Library of France). . 

Produced by Pierre Bertrand, dated to the first half of the XVII th century, this print illuminates about by both legends but also by legibly on the back of cards held by the three losers: “The temperature [s] three Kings, “” Love has three Ladies “,” The homm [e] three valet [s]. ” Despite some differences (position of the characters, as the “return”.), While suggesting that the etching inspired table, obviously later (beardless face and clothing courtier.). . 

, this scene actually deals with the fragility of destiny and the triumph of death, and related to the genre of Vanity - Allegory of the game - precarious and fickle business.

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What this tells you is, it’s not poker, but an incredible simulation.  Here, we have only four cards per player, and yes, four players, no dogs.

You of course, are the fifth player in this semi-modern serio-tragedy, however, you’re not suppose to know that….

It goes to while the rules are the same for everyone, everyone has different skill sets.  Furthermore, not everyone gets the same hand, however, it’s theoretically possible for this exact situation to occur twice in a lifetime.

I haven’t reached my word limit, so I’ll probably write something somewhere else, and post that today, too.

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